Nothing else can give your home warmth and coziness as well as your feet soft comfort touch as a brand new carpet.

Carpet Supply

We do not have a physical carpet showroom. However, we can supply almost any carpet brand and model at your request. If we are not able to deliver an exact brand, we can always offer a very close match. Give us a try, and tell us what you have in mind for your new installation. 

Carpet Laying

Our experienced carpet layers will deliver the best installation experience you have ever had. They will ensure that it blends seamlessly into the space and follow all your preferences during carper laying. We can install carpet in home rooms, stairs, and commercial spaces. 

Carpet Repairs

We do all types of carpet repairs. We can fix it if it is worn out, torn, birned, or stained. Depending on the damaged area, we can do spot repair or replace the entire room and match it with the existing carpet.

More durable flooring option

The carpet is a great cozy floor covering option. But sometimes you wish you would have something more robust or even waterproof flooring. For those customers who looking for something more durable than carpet, we can offer different flooring types. We can supply and install a wide range of hybrid, laminate, timber flooring, or even vinyl luxury planks. 

laminate flooring samples